Can DSpaceDirect content be made searchable/findable from other library catalog and discovery systems (e.g. Ex Libris Primo, EBSCO Discovery, etc.)?

If the external service supports OAI-PMH metadata harvesting, then you could harvest your DSpaceDirect content metadata into the external system in order to make your DSpaceDirect content searchable/findable. This would mean that the external system would contain a copy of your DSpaceDirect item metadata and could therefore search your DSpaceDirect content and provide a direct link to individual items in your DSpaceDirect site. This is the route that most libraries take to make DSpace content available in a library catalog or discovery service (as most of these services support OAI-PMH harvesting from other systems, like DSpace).

For instance, according to the documentation available online:

So, simply point either of those at the DSpaceDirect OAI-PMH interface and then schedule the external service to harvest metadata from DSpaceDirect on a regular basis.

Every DSpaceDirect site has an OAI-PMH interface available at https://[dspacedirect-site-url]/oai/request?verb=Identify

 For example:
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